Ciudad Rodrigo Theatre Festival
Theatre, history and nature - western Spain
Parador accommodation

Ciudad Rodrigo, now a very pleasant small city and home to the important Castilla-León summer theatre festival, was for centuries an object of envy due to its strategic position on the banks of the river Agueda... from the Vettons (a Celtiberian tribe), and Romans, through various Castilian-Portuguese border wars, treaties and royal marriages, to the long siege by Napoleon's army and final victory of Wellington's troops in 1812. Luckily, the many monumental buildings, squares and alleys, and the extensive system of walls have survived all these assaults.
It is surrounded by the gentle scenery typical of the dehesas of holm oaks of the Salamancan Campo Charro, in which much livestock is pastured, with to the south the summits of the Sierra de Gata, Hurdes and Peña de Francia, and to the north the Arribes del Duero.
This makes a wonderful backdrop for this major showcase for theatre (in its widest sense). The spectacles vary from interactive street animations to classical theatre and satire, music, dance, mime, flamenco, puppetry and circus. During the festival, Ciudad Rodrigo is very animated as everyone settles at the terraces of the tapas bars to enjoy the summer evenings.

6 DAYS (5 NIGHTS) Activities: 3 easy short walks of 1-2h; varied visits; minimum of 4 evening theatre performances as well as street spectacles. The activities may be modified according to the timing of the festival. Group 8 maximum.

EXCEPT 3 MEALS, in rooms for 2 with private bathrooms at the Parador, formerly the C14 castle of Enrique II, in the heart of the old city. Delicious local gastronomy featuring the pata negra pigs and cordero lechal of the Campo Charro dehesas, excellent sea-food and original tapas and pinchos.

DATES (Monday-Saturday)
2022 22-27 August.

PRICE 895 euros per person; obligatory single supplement 335 euros.

at 17.45, at Salamanca bus station, on arrival of the direct bus from Madrid airport (dep 15.00 [T1]/ 15.15 [T4]).
DISPERSAL before 11.00, at Salamanca bus station, for departure of the direct bus to Madrid airport (arr 13.30 [T4]/ 13.45 [T1]).
We can book your bus tickets in advance and send them to you. Please contact us if you wish to arrive and depart by bus or train, other than from Madrid.

Location of this programme:


MONDAY: Transfer from Salamanca to Ciudad Rodrigo.

TUESDAY: Exploration of Ciudad Rodrigo: frontier city of Castile and Extremadura, which englobes the charms of both: the Extremaduran sense of welcome, elegant Castilian architecture, and a cuisine inspired by both regions. The Siega Verde: well-conserved paleolithic engravings on rocks on the bank of the río Águeda (UNESCO world heritage).

WEDNESDAY: Excursion in the Arribes de Duero natural park. The fantastic Duero gorge, the Celtiberian fort of Las Merchanas and the mediaeval citadel of San Felices de los Gallegos.

THURSDAY: In the Sierra de Francia, amid terraces of vines, cherry trees and chestnuts. The picturesque villages of San Martín, Casas del Conde and Miranda del Castañar, with half-timbered houses. 4WD tour of the Peña de Francia, a quartzite spike of 1732 m/5683 ft, topped by a monastery. Panoramas of all the Central Cordillera summits in clear weather.

FRIDAY: The pathways of the Sierra de Gata, to the granite fortress of La Almenara. Extremaduran tapas on the plaza mayor of Gata.

SATURDAY: Transfer to Salamanca.

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