Index, key-map and calendar of Benamonarda holidays

Map of Spain with the situation of our programmes (above) and key to map (below).
An explanation of the abbreviations in the columns 'category', 'walking grade' and 'price' is given below the key.

map ref programme category walk
price p.p.
2 Pedroches & Campiña Cordobesa D 1 1 wk (7) 995 b 195 Málaga
19 Andalusian Wild West & Cabo de Gata DM 1 1 wk (7) 955 a 155 Almería/Málaga
21 Huelva, Land of Mariners DM 0.5 1 wk (7) 975 b 225 Faro
6+7 Discover Extremadura D 1 9 d (8) 975 b 155 Madrid
22 The land of lakes and storks D 1 1 wk (7) 1095 a 225 Madrid
23 Lozoya, Guadarrama, Duratón W/D 1.5/1 1 wk (7) 1045 b 195 Madrid
25 Segura, Júcar, Mundo D 1 1 wk (7) 1145 b 155 Madrid


W = guided mountain walking (with nature and cultural/historical visits)
M = 'Mar y Sierra' guided walking (with nature and cultural/historical visits)
D = 'discovery' with shorter guided walks, nature and history

grades of walking

0.5 easy, occasionally stony terrain; 1-2h walking a day, 2-4 days a week; max denivellation +100m
1 easy, occasionally stony terrain; 1-4h walking a day, 3-5 days a week; max denivellation +300m
1.5 occasionally steep or stony terrain; 3-5h walking/day, 4-5 days/week; max denivellation +450m

Denivellation = the total of differences in altitude during a day's walking, uphill (if positive) or downhill (if negative - only given for non-circular walks in which there is much downhill walking).

price information (prices per person)
a = full board, hotel accommodation
b = full board except 1-5 meals, hotel accommodation

PRICE REDUCTIONS (per person and booking)

– booking for 2 consecutive programmes: 80 euros, and free transfer between them**
OR – booking for a second programme in the same calendar year: 50 euros
AND – previous clients of Benamonarda: 40 euros.

**if there is a day between the two programmes, you pay 60 euros as a contribution towards your meals and accommodation for this day.

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Calendar - Spring 2022

26 March-2 April (Sat-Sat) - Huelva, Land of Mariners discover Andalusia's borderland FULLY BOOKED
4-12 April (Mon-Tue) - Discover Extremadura from Trujillo
22-29 April (Fri-Fri) - Pedroches & Campiña Cordobesa walks, nature, history in the centre of Andalusia
3-10 May (Tue-Tue) - Andalusian Wild West & Cabo de Gata Almería: walks, nature, cinema
12-19 May (Thu-Thu) - Segura, Júcar, Mundo exploration of southeast Spain NEW FULLY BOOKED
30 May-6 June (Mon-Mon) - Lozoya, Guadarrama, Duratón 2 levels of walking, history, nature NEW FULLY BOOKED
6-13 June (Mon-Mon) - The land of lakes and storks discover Sanabria and Tierra de Campos NEW ONE PLACE LEFT

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