Our holiday programmes for 2022...

If you want to find out about the real Spain:
- on foot and by 4WD vehicle
- in comfort (though not luxury)
- the most interesting local cuisine
- history and traditions
- geography and nature
... and to know the parts of Spain others hardly touch
- then we're for you: Benamonarda!

Guided mountain walking in Andalusia, Aragon, Madrid, Rioja, Old & New Castile
Discovery: Cantabria, Costa Verde, Extremadura, La Mancha, La Rioja, Soria
'2 centre discovery': Almería, Córdoba, Huelva, Arribes Duero, Ruta Oro, Zamora
'Mar y Sierra' walking: coasts and mountains of Cantabria and Andalusia
Festivals: Theatre at Almagro & Ciudad Rodrigo; Flamenco at Jerez & Seville
Christmas on the Costa de la Luz; New Year in the Campiña de Cádiz
New discovery area: Murcia and Albacete, with 'Segura, Júcar, Mundo'
Exclusive programmes for clubs, families or friends

New for 2022

Segura, Júcar, Mundo 12-19 May
From our delightful little hotels at Cieza (Murcia) and Alcaraz (Albacete, Castilla-La Mancha): two splendid regions, neighbouring but each with its own originality. From Cieza we investigate the luxuriant Segura valley, sometimes called the 'Orchard of Spain', replete with remains from its Moorish past: irrigation canals with giant norias (waterwheels), the panoramic Camino Morisco and the fortified Almohad city of Siyâsa.
On the way to the elegant Renaissance town of Alcaraz we visit the castle and the cave houses of Alcalá del Júcar, perched vertiginously above the narrow gorge of the River Júcar. The second part of the week reveals other horizons, like the grandiose setting of the Nacimiento del Río Mundo, which bursts from the limestone cliff in an enormous cataract, the Mediterranean forest of the Sierra de Alcaraz, the enigmatic Iberian civilization, and the secrets of bronze and carpet weaving.
Both provinces produce excellent wines. At Cieza, many local dishes are produced using the excellent vegetables grown in the area, whilst at Alcaraz can be found the traditional Manchego dishes...

The land of lakes and storks 6-13 June
In the province of Zamora, the mountain lakes of Sanabria, Los Valles [the Valleys] and the plain of the Tierra de Campos. Wolves, great bustards, storks... the biggest glacial lake in Europe (and biggest natural lake in Spain) on board a unique solar-powered boat... fields with numerous dovecotes of original designs... a hill tunnelled by hundreds of little wine cellars... a museum with 500 musical instruments from all over the world... birds on the salt-lakes of the Tierra de Campos.
Accommodation: 4 nights in a rural hotel on the shore of the Lago de Sanabria, and 3 in the charming posada of Villalpando.

Lozoya, Guadarrama, Duratón
30 May-6 June
This holiday offers longer or shorter walks — you can decide which to choose according to your form each day. The week begins in the charming posada of Serrada de la Fuente, from where we explore the Lozoya valleys and the Sierra de Guadarrama.
We continue to the fortified village of Sepúlveda, with splendid views over the Duratón canyon. All the province of Segovia, from its smallest villages to the capital (famous for its Roman aqueduct) is ornamented by delightful romanesque churches. We walk in some fantastic landscapes, including giant junipers and granite boulders.

New Year in 3 Natural Parks of Cádiz 30 December 21-6 January 22
We shall celebrate New Year at Villaluenga del Rosario, eating the 12 grapes on the square of this delightful mountain 'white village', highest (868m) and smallest of the province of Cádiz. For the last 4 nights we transfer to the historical town of Medina Sidonia, for the Procession of the Three Kings through its elegant streets.
This is a week in a natural, cultural and gastronomic paradise, with incredibly varied landscapes: vast lakes overlooked by ancient citadels, great forests bordering the Atlantic, limestone mountains with irises and narcissi, an immense polje with pasture for the retintas (Andalusian red cows), payoya goats, merino sheep and Iberian black pigs...
This area is dotted with relics such as curious water- and windmills, castles, and Roman roads and towns. There is a great variety of artisanal activity, including leatherwork, local cheeses and wines, oil from wild olives and salt from inland salt-pans dating back to the Phoenicians.
We sample the local cuisine through the delicious mountain dishes of Villaluenga, the famous Christmas sweetmeats of Medina Sidonia and its fantastic tapas.

Our specialities include:

– walking and nature holidays in the most unspoiled parts of Andalusia, including the Serranía de Ronda (Genal Valley walking and Nature Rambles), and Mar y Sierra: West Andalusia, spring and autumn walking in western Andalusia, with Cadiz, Jerez, Ronda and Seville cities, sherry and flamenco

– walking programmes in Madrid and Segovia provinces, New Castile & Aragon, Old Castile, La Rioja, Soria and Cantabria

– programmes based on major festivals, including theatre at Almagro and Ciudad Rodrigo, and flamenco music and dance (at Jerez and Seville), with complementary daytime activities

– discovery weeks based in a single hotel, with short walks and numerous visits, at Zafra (south Extremadura), Trujillo (centre-north Extremadura) Candás (Costa Verde of Asturias), Berlanga (Soria, Castilla-León), the Venta Piqueras (Rioja Alta), Almagro (La Mancha, with Toledo), and Liérganes (Santander, Cantabria)

– two-centre discovery weeks in the west and northwest: the Ruta del Oro (León, Ponferrada, El Bierzo), the Land of lakes and storks (Sanabria, Valles de Benavente, Tierra de Campos) and Ciudad Rodrigo & Arribes del Duero

– two-centre discovery in Almería (east Andalusia) with Andalusian Wild West and Cabo de Gata, in central Andalusia with Guadiato and Campiña Cordobesa, in west Andalusia with Huelva, Land of Mariners and in southeast Spain with Segura-Júcar-Mundo

– two week historical 'journeys' in western Spain, central Spain and Aragón (only for groups)

holidays for families, friends, associations or groups.

Holidays in the Serranía de Ronda, starting from Jubrique

CHOICE OF PROGRAMMES We have walking and nature rambles in the Serranía de Ronda, with accommodation at Jubrique. These are guided holidays at fixed dates, with individual bookings forming an international group with a maximum of ten participants. Find out about the fascination of Spain with the help of Benamonarda (we give explanations in English, French and Spanish).
FULL BOARD In Jubrique you stay at the village hotel (rooms with bathroom). Your lunch will be at a restaurant or country 'venta', or sometimes a picnic, and in the evening all the group dines together at the hotel or at a tapas bar. Try some of the delicious specialities of the Serranía made with local products!
Who are we and where is Jubrique?

Guided programmes in Andalusia, Central and North Spain

Throughout the year, Benamonarda also takes you to more distant horizons, to discover new and unexpected mountain landscapes, on foot through the Natural Parks, or combining walking and cultural visits... unforgettable festivals... and fantastic historical sites, often in the most unexpected places! With Benamonarda there's always a sense of adventure in the air!
To see all our programmes by date, consult our index and calendar.
With these holidays we stay in comfortable, friendly small hotels, in rooms with private bathrooms, and always try the most interesting regional dishes.
These holidays are in full board but, with some, a few main meals a week are not included, so you can explore the local cuisine on your own.

Note: all our programme pages (accessible by our index and calendar) have a miniature map of Spain, showing the approximate location of the holiday and the nearest main city/airport. This is the one for Jubrique:

Benamonardaexperts in Andalusia

Benamonarda was founded in the mountain village of Jubrique (Andalusia), by Chantal and Pete, in collaboration with local projects, for the direct benefit of the area's economy. Benamonarda invites you to discover a natural paradise: the idyllic Andalusian mountains and little-known parts of central and northern Spain – regions unspoilt by tourism, with a sense of adventure and expectancy always in the air.


1. We live, and develop holidays, only in Spain:
– personal service from our team
– unbeatable knowledge of cities, natural sites, hotels, food & drink, local customs, etc
– we offer you the best insight into Spanish nature, history, food and drink and way of life, including parts of Spain not visited by other companies.
2. Our prices are all-inclusive (apart from your journey to Spain), including:
– all interior transport and guiding, entrance fees and visits to monuments
– all meals with most programmes (see individual descriptions); drinks with meals.
3. We use our own vehicles: free transfers and times minimized; no carrying bags from bus stops!


Choose your means of transport: plane, bus, train. We shall collect you free of charge in Málaga or another pick-up city, depending on the programme (see index and our booking conditions). If you prefer to drive, ask us for a direct itinerary.


Jubrique, where we have been welcoming guests from all over the world since 1987 and where several of our holidays are based, is one of the 'white villages' of the Serranía de Ronda, a rugged upland area of western Andalusia (western Málaga province and northeast Cádiz), known for its hospitality, natural beauty, and rich cultural heritage. Our picturesque little mountain village, with its whitewashed houses, curious chimneys, and maze of narrow alleys, lies in the uniquely luxuriant, wooded Genal valley, at the foot of the Sierra Bermeja. Jubrique is an ideal site, not only to relax amid splendid scenery and become familiar with the ancient mountain traditions, but also to learn about the new spirit of Andalusia today.

Jubrique (Málaga), not to be confused with the town of Ubrique (Cádiz), can be found on Michelin map 578 (Andalucía) and the Michelin road atlas Spain–Portugal.

The Genal Valley is situated between four marvellous Natural Parks. You will admire the beauty and variety of the landscapes, with verdant mountain plains, dark green forest, streams for bathing, terraces and orchards, and white limestone crests against an azure sky...

Benamonarda, c/ Algatocín 10, E-29492 Jubrique
e-mail: info@benamonarda.com
: www.benamonarda.com
ring and we call you back: 0034 608 05 25 60

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