Jerez Flamenco Festival
and Cádiz Carnaval

Flamenco, Carnival, history, nature - small international group - west Andalusia

One of the most important flamenco festivals takes place in Jerez de la Frontera, a city renowned for its wine, its horses, and also its successive generations of
cantaores, guitarists and bailaores. Cante jondo will be well in evidence, but Jerez is above all the 'cradle' of flamenco dance. Dancers and ballets invade the stages of Jerez to bring us traditional flamenco dance mixed with a good selection of experimental works.
In 2017, as happens on rare occasions, the Jerez festival coincides with the world-famous Carnival of Cadiz. Song, humour, disguises and processions fill the city's streets, where actors and spectators merge.
The immediate surroundings of these two cities are no less outstanding: the tierras
albarizas where the sherry grapes are grown, the Guadalquivir estuary, the Bay of Cadiz and the Costa de la Luz. The beaches, cliffs, dunes and salt-marshes not only shelter much nature and bird-life but also form a background to some real architectural and archaeological jewels...

IMPORTANT: we must receive bookings for this programme by 2 November 2016.

ONE WEEK Activities
: the order of days will depend on the times of the Flamenco and Carnival spectacles. 5 Flamenco evenings, and during the day...
*Carnival of Cadiz, with its Carruseles de Coros: processions of floats carrying exuberant 'choirs' which promenade around the old city. Each coro comprises 35 singers and 10 musicians (guitar, bandurria and lute), and chooses a theme (historical, political, social) to satirize. The words and costumes are chosen by the group, but the music is imposed by the organisers. A prior competition chooses the best coros, which participate in the carruseles, but beside these, dozens of groups of ilegales animate the city and amuse the passers-by.
* History and monuments of:
- Jerez: baths, mosque, almunia of the Almohad alcázar; superb cloister of Santo Domingo...
- Medina Sidonia, with its interesting Roman remains below the present town
- Cadiz: the first city of the West, founded by the Phoenicians
- Sanlúcar de Barrameda and its 2 palaces: the 'Red Duchess' and the Dukes of Montpensier.
* Traditions of Jerez
- Exhibitions in the Centro Andaluz de Documentación de Flamenco
- visit to a sherry and Manzanilla bodega
- dressage at the Real Escuela de Arte Ecuestre.
* 4 marvellous Natural Parks of the Costa de la Luz: 4 walks of 1-2h (3 in flat terrain, 1 of +100m)
- Bahia de Cádiz, by boat and train
- El Estrecho: the Roman fishing port of Baelo Claudia, with views of Morocco when clear
- Doñana: the Guadalquivir salt-marshes, with numerous flamingoes and waders, and hundreds of cangrejos violonistas, curious crabs with one pincer much bigger than the other!
- Barbate: impressive cliffs and pinewoods overlooking the Bay of Barbate, where we retrace the ancient fishing technique of the Almadraba
- plus the colourful valley landscapes of the Campiña de Jerez.

EXCEPT 5 MEALS in hotel (rooms for 2 with private bathrooms) in a quiet street of the old centre of Jerez. Delicious local gastronomy and imaginative tapas, with the accent on Atlantic sea-food and the pata negra pigs of the forests of western Andalusia. Group 10 maximum.

DATES (Saturday-Saturday)

2017 25 February-4 March.

PRICE 995 euros per person; single room supplement 155 euros.

RENDEZVOUS Málaga, in the afternoon - choose a flight arriving before 15.00.
DISPERSAL Málaga,at midday - choose a flight departing after 15.00.
Arrival at Jerez airport or station (trains from Madrid and Seville) is also possible.

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