Sierras of Extremadura
Guided walking, history, nature - small international group - western Spain

Extremadura... poor, proud and beautiful: superb scenery and noble, golden stone cities. An intricate mixture of a little of each of Andalusia, Castile and inland Portugal, but with a character all its own.

ONE WEEK Activities: 5 walks of 3h30-6 hours and a short walk, in northern Extremadura and the south of the province of Salamanca, on (sometimes steep and/or stony) footpaths with a few 'off path' sections; visits to Trujillo, El Palancar, Garrovillas, the villages of Las Hurdes and the Sierra de Francia. Denivellations 300-550m a day. Group 10 maximum.

in hotels in rooms for two with private bathrooms: 2 nights in the old city of Trujillo and 5 in the tiny hamlet of Riomalo de Abajo. Excellent extremeño cuisine.

825 euros per person; single room supplement 135 euros.

DATES (Monday-Monday)

2018 9-16 April.

Trujillo (easily accessible by bus from Madrid; ask us for times; we can also book your tickets in advance and send them to you. If flying to Madrid, you should book a plane arriving by 14.00, and the last day, one departing after 16.00).

Location of this programme:

MONDAY: Evening rendezvous and first night at Trujillo, birthplace of some noted 'Conquistadores'. Stroll through its alleys lined with fortified noble houses in pink granite... with dinner on the Plaza Mayor.

TUESDAY: The Monfragüe National Park: introduction to this important nature reserve, which has colonies of griffon and black vultures as well as other raptors and black storks. Afternoon on the Vía de la Plata Roman road and amid the chestnut groves from which fibra de castaño is extracted, then we enter the dramatic landscapes of Las Hurdes, traditionally the poorest area of Spain, where we spend five nights in the tiny hamlet of Riomalo de Abajo.

WEDNESDAY: Ramble to the striking Meander of the Alagón, an important corridor for birds. After lunch we visit the hidden valleys of the Hurdes Altas for a walk which looks at some of the traditional arquitectura negra.

THURSDAY: In the gentler hills of the Sierra de Francia: the Alagón valley, oak forest, vineyards, chestnut groves. Visit to Miranda del Castañar, a fortified village.

FRIDAY: Ascent of the Peña de Francia, a quartzite spike of 1732 m/5683 ft, topped by a monastery. Panoramas of all the Central Cordillera summits in clear weather. The charming villages of San Martín del Castañar and Casas del Conde.

SATURDAY: Walking amid the steep slate scenery typical of Las Hurdes near Riomalo. In the afternoon we visit the marvellous valley of Las Batuecas, said by Luis Buñuel to be one of the few earthly paradises he had found.

SUNDAY: Visits to El Palancar, the world's smallest Christian monastery and Garrovillas village (wonderful Plaza Mayor with its arcades all askew), then a stroll in the unique granite scenery of Los Barruecos. Return to Trujillo for the last evening and night.

MONDAY: Dispersal at Trujillo bus station.

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