Gorges and plateaux of the Duero soriano NEW
Guided walking, history, nature - Soria, Old Castile - based in one of our favourite hotels - small international guided group

Discover the enchantment of the immense plateaux and deep gorges of the páramo, with its specially resistant vegetation, numerous vultures, and tiny hamlets containing evocative historical monuments and traditional popular architecture!


ONE WEEK Activities: 6 walks of 4-5 hours on (sometimes steep and/or stony) paths with a few 'off path' sections; denivellations +100-+350m; visits to a troglodyte Celtiberian site, rock-shelter paintings, Mozarabic and Romanesque churches, mediaeval castles... Group 10 maximum.

EXCEPT TWO MEALS in rooms for two (private bathrooms), in a restored 15th century mansion at Berlanga de Duero, home of the Dominican monk, Fray Tomás de Berlanga, who discovered the Galapagos Islands, brought the banana from the Canary Islands to Central America, and brought back the tomato. He was also the first person to envisage the Panama canal, a project he suggested in vain to Carlos V.

DATES (Thursday-Thursday)
2019 26 September-3 October, 10-17 October.

895 euros per person; single room supplement 135 euros.

Almazán bus station at 17.20 — direct bus from Madrid airport; choose a flight arriving before 14.00.
DISPERSAL Almazán bus station — choose a flight departing Madrid after 15.30.
We can book your bus tickets in advance and send them to you. Ask us for further information.

Location of this programme:

THURSDAY: Short transfer from Almazán to Berlanga de Duero, where we stay for seven nights. Among Berlanga's attractions are a porticaded plaza mayor, a splendid castle and an outstanding gothic collegiate church. A stroll to whet our appetites.

FRIDAY: Walking on the transhumance trails: gorge of Berlanga, Roman bridge over the Duero, Romanesque churches of Andaluz and Aguilera. Discovery of Berlanga and the Mozarabic Ermita de San Baudelio, with exceptional frescoes.

SATURDAY: Soria city and its surroundings. Walks in Monte Valonsadero (rock-shelter paintings) and along the banks of the Duero.

SUNDAY: The Canyon of Caracena (a village with a dozen inhabitants, two Romanesque churches and a castle). Visit to the Alcazaba of Gormaz: the world's biggest mediaeval fortress.

MONDAY: The fantastic troglodyte Celtiberian-Roman site of Tiermes, under the beady eye of the Griffon vultures who once transported the souls of the Celtiberian warriors to heaven... from it we walk the Ruta de los Despoblados.

TUESDAY: The Cañón del Río Lobos Natural Park: the Mirador de los Gullurias, a privileged viewpoint for observing vultures and other raptors.

WEDNESDAY: The páramo and gorge of the fabulous Mediaeval village of Calatañazor, with its wattle & daub houses, curious kitchen-chimneys and castle.

THURSDAY: Morning dispersal at Almazán.

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